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FREE PDF Version of our Basic Employee Handbook


This is a FREE PDF Sample of our Basic, Starter-Kit, "Bare Bones" Version valued at $29.99.   (The Free Sample requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The bare-bones version is only 3 pages of true content; it is usually purchased by very small companies with 1 or 2 employees; trying to address conduct issues verses implementing company policy.  It's also great if your boss has been asking you to produce an employee handbook all year, and you have been saying "I'm working on it," but really have not; suddenly the due date is upon you, and you must have SOMETHING produced TODAY or you're in deep trouble.  If a rush such as this does not exist, we highly recommend spending an extra $20 for the Full Version.

Price:  Free (PDF version only)

7 Pages (Including Title and Table of Contents)


>>> To Download the Free Employee Handbook PDF:  Simply send an email to:

freehandbook2@hrit.com ...

...we will auto-reply immediately with the Free Employee Handbook.  Thanks! *


*Requesting the Free Employee Handbook will automatically opt you in to our employment law legal alerts and VERY infrequent e-newsletters from our Employee University (2 or 3 times per year).  If you wish to opt out, all employment law legal alerts and newsletters have an opt-out option should you wish to do so. 






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