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We are a consulting group and an online store; for human resource support, business process improvement, custom software, and employee training and development.

We've been in business since June 2001.  Our customers are typically small to mid-sized businesses that do not have a full-time/in-house human resource manager or Information Technology Department.  We offer:


Employee Handbook Templates, Sample Policies, & HR Forms.
Training Videos; for employee development and compliance.
Custom Software Solutions
Business Process Improvement Consulting



Employee Handbooks


Our best selling product is an employee handbook template. Our employee handbooks allow employers to quickly create an company policy handbook at a fraction of the cost a lawyer would charge to create and employee handbook.

The handbooks (also called employee manuals by some) are MS Word documents that only need minor customization in order to make them your own. We offer free samples of our employee handbook and free updates for one-year.

Purchase our employee handbook online today and download it immediately.

Is an Employee Handbook the same thing as an Employee Manual?

Employee Handbook, Hand Book, Company Office Policy Handbook, Handbook Software, Handbook Templates, and Employee Manual, are all common terms for the same thing:

A document where you have clearly defined, easy to understand, company / office policy for your organization; such as code of conduct, EOE and other legal statements, and time-off rules.

Don't reinvent the wheel; just customize one of our handbook templates with your company name, logo, etc. and you're done!

Fully Editable MS Word Software Document; You have 100% control over all content and format; you can change anything - delete anything - add anything.
You get the template today! Employee Handbooks are delivered via instant download.

HRIT Inc. employee manuals have been developed by seasoned HR and employee managers; edited and approved by lawyers specializing in employment law; reviewed for legal compliance at least once every six months.

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Training Videos


DEFINE your culture, INSPIRE your leaders, IMPROVE your service, MOTIVATE your organization, and EQUIP your managers with training videos from our EMPLOYEE UNIVERSITY.

HRIT Inc produces and distributes training videos for employee training and development; this division of our company is called Employee University.  We offer videos for supervisor and management training, customer service skills training, and other topics

Our training videos and DVDs come with guides that provide you with a complete training agenda, including key discussion points, and helpful exercises that emphasize the video's message.

If we cannot find a training video that's right for you, we can write the script and film it for you.  Small local business, as well as household-name global businesses have trusted us with producing videos for them.

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Custom Software Solutions


Employee Handbooks and Employee ManualsIf a business is not storing most of its information in a query-able or relational database, then we believe that business's office administration is running at 50% or less of it's potential efficiency and there are "dollar-leaks" everywhere due to shallow reporting and poor visibility.

If a company is relying heavily/primarily on spreadsheets, it would almost, almost, be worth giving them a free database solution just to see the twinkle in the eye of the owner's face when he/she is seeing information flowing smoothly throughout the company and viewing reports that contain summaries and drill-downs they never dreamed possible.

Whether you need a simple Custom MS Access database, or a custom coded enterprise software solution, give us call - we would love to discuss how we can help you see your business better.

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